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Maison de la Culture, salle Chavignier, Clermont-Ferrand
Thursday the 17th March to Saturday 19th March

The group of artists WhiteBlackFungus invented *Multiple remiX*, a collaborative and big data method allowing artworks to be created in a nonlinear manner by a virtually unlimited number of participants. *Multiple remiX* allows to mix freely any kind of artistic techniques, manual or numeric, exploring the often unexpected interferences of the material and the virtual. Photography and video are opposed to work done by the artist’s hands, bringing the rich variety of material textures and artist’s gestures into numeric artworks.

WhiteBlackFungus wants video art to be part of people’s lives, and to be increasingly nomad as they are. Therefore they are merely presented on flat screens, ranging from miniature wearable screens (Vijou for VIDeo bijOU) to very large screens, and performing events are organised using them: Expositions on Vijou wearables (“Exmotion”, an idea and term coined by Laurent Devèze, director of the ISBA art school), Videovan, a comfort van fitted with a large flat screen thet allows video art to pop up everywhere.

Works presented :

Il Sogno di Giorgio II, 2016
Rhapsodie munichoise No 1, 2015
Coxtasy I, 2016
Transformation et fugue I, 2014
Grand Bleu I, 2014

Collection of Vijou videos for performance during opening!


Véronique Cartier-Hampel, born in Gray (France) in 1962, and Reinhard Hampel, born in Darmstadt (Germany) in 1961, collaborate as WhiteBlackFungus since 2011. With very different backgrounds – medical for Véronique, technical and scientific for Reinhard – they developped an art made of oppositions: photography opposed to very material painting, fixed image to video, light-dark, figurative-abstract, civilisation-nature. The very name of the group expresses this contradictive nature through the opposing colors white and black. They live a life of research and invention in order to achieve what they want.
After several series of paintings done over photographs (Interaction paintings, series “Nature fucks You”, “De Profundis”, 2011-2013) they developped the *Multiple remiX* method, then produced their first video (“Les Demoiselles du Nibelung”, presented at Extra Experimental Trails, Kunstverein D21, Leipzig, 2013).

Exhibitions et performances (selection):

  • Feb., 2014, first “Exmotion”, commission of the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts (ISBA) of Besançon,exhibition on Vijou comprising 12 videos worn by participants of the Open House Day of the art school.
  • Summer of 2014, creation of the Videovan. Appearances in Paris (YIA 2014), Basel (reopening of the Haus für elektronische Künste , nov. 2014), Brussels (Poppositions 2014)
  • 2014 and 2015, “Marais Digital” at Mamia Bretesché Gallery (with the Videovan present in 2015)
  • 2015, Beirut Art Fair (Mamia Bretesché Gallery) and Art Monaco (Galerie #1)

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