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Polytech.Science.Art program of the Polytechnic Museum (Moscou, Russia)

EXHIBITIONS, from March 17th to the 1st of April

Galerie Dolet / Crous, 25 rue Etienne Dolet, Clermont-Ferrand

Monday to Friday – 8am to 4pm

The Polytech.Science.Art program, launched in 2014, is dedicated to the significant phenomenon of contemporary culture, employing the synthesis of science, art and technology as an artistic method, and performing a scientific approach to artistic creativity. The program runs education, research, exhibition and other experimental projects featuring Russian and international experts, creating a space for interdisciplinary cooperation. Curated by Natalia Fuchs.

Natalia Fuchs is an expert in art and culture management and international public relations. She is a graduate of the University of Manchester, UK (Cultural Management, 2008) and Leonardo scholarship winner at the History of Media Arts program of Donau-Universität (low-residence, Austria). In 2013, she was invited by the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow to create and curate the interdisciplinary program Polytech.Science.Art, which she is currently doing, together with curating exhibitions and the Electronic Livingroom, an experimental multifunctional space at the Polytechnic Museum. As a researcher and practitioner, she works in a variety of topics and participate in different international projects focused on contemporary culture, media art, cinema and sound.

Floors of Memory, 2015, by Maria Rashova, 6’25

Academia: Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Media communications, Feature Filmmaking MA

Synopsis: a surreal story about the feeling when people intentionally forget the painful moments of their lives and suddenly fall into a specific “memory level” I which they find the forgotten people and events from the past. Maria Rashova is a graduate of the Wordshop Academy as well as the Faculty of Media communications of the Higher School of Economics. With her film she was selected by many festivals such as Cannes Short Film Corner 2015, Artcinema, Saint Anna and others.

The Force, 2015, by Eva Teurgia, 4’13

Academia: Wordshop Academy, Music Videomaking MA

Synopsis: Bogged down in the routine, we fail to notice the simple things that lay in the base of the Universe and have made humankind wonder for hundreds of years. Optical illusions, interaction of matter and invisible fields. Chemical reactions and physical laws are filling our lives. They carry a powerful energetic charge that can turn the world upside down and insensibly change a minus into a plus. After considering a career in medicine, Eva Teurgia chose to become a filmmaker and video artist crossing borders of different genres.

Universal Memory Cells, 2014 by Anastasia Levina, 7’19

Academia: School of Contemporary Art “Free Workshops”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Synopsis: An artist prefers not to comment video artwork addressing to the name of it. Anastasia Levina has taken part in numerous exhibition including 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (a Special Program), Moscow, Russia (2015), V Krasnoyarsk International Media Art Festival, Krasnoyarsk, Russia (2015) (The winner in the nomination “Video poetry”), Facade Video Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2014) and International video art festival “Now&After, Moscow, Russia (2014).