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Pascal LIEVRE (France)

EXHIBITIONS, from the 17th March to the 2nd of April

La Tôlerie, 10 rue de Bien-Assis, Clermont-Ferrand

Tuesday to Saturday – 2pm to 6pm

Portrait of a lost island by Pascal Lièvre, 2013


La Tôlerie

Pascal Lièvre eliminated in all the shots filmed on the island those in which humans, objects, and pets appeared in order to only keep nature shots, that being 25 minutes out of 5,082 minutes. In these shots, he eliminated human voices and noises linked to objects made by man, keeping only music or the sounds of nature. He draws thus the portrait of a lost island.

The artist proposes a portrait of nature with the most spectacular and the most expensive images hitherto made for a series. Indeed, J.J. Abrams is in charge of this super production, with significant financial resources, not less than 10 to 14 million dollars allocated just for the two first episodes. It is a testimony of the representation of nature in American cinema during the years 2005-2010, nature representing less than one ten-thousandth of the images from the series. Pascal Lièvre chose to show the nature scenes in chronological order of their appearance on the screen. A strange narration is thus created, showing nature that is threatening and chaotic, accompanied by music often based on grandiloquent effects.