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Francesca FINI (Italy)

EXHIBITIONS, from the 17th March to the 2nd of April

La Tôlerie, 10 rue de Bien-Assis, Clermont-Ferrand

Tuesday to Saturday – 2pm to 6pm


Ofelia non annega / 2016 / video installation


La Tôlerie

OFELIA NON ANNEGA (Ophelia did not drown) is an experimental film which reinterprets with a surrealist twist the epic of the Shakespearean drama, but from the point of view of young Ophelia. The film was produced in collaboration with Istituto Luce – the national film archive devoted to the documentation of Italian society since 1927 – and integrates on a metalinguistic level heterogeneous and seemingly incompatible languages: the sociological national archive and original performance art designed and staged by Francesca Fini expressly for this project.
At the center of it all is an Ophelia who is very different from that of the literary tradition: not the fragile teenager in love, but many women of different colors, features and age.
A modern sweet and sour Ophelia not lost in the romantic woods of Denmark, but in the harsh landscapes of Lazio: the industrial area of the Gazometro and the junkyard in Cisterna di Latina, the arid limestone caves of Riano Flaminio and the futuristic Villa Perugini in Fregene, passing through a crazy sightseeing tour on a tourist bus in Rome.
An Ophelia who eventually did not drown, renouncing her destiny of romantic heroine to become a “person”.

Francesca Fini lives and works in Rome, working on new media and performance art.
Her projects always face issues with a strong political component “by staging a body amplified by technology and yet retaining its animal and biological nature” (from “Francesca Fini, the disturbing image” by Alessio Galbiati for Digicult Magazine).
In her performances and videos she works with lo-fi technologies, interaction design devices, live generated audio and video, often hacking everyday objects such as surveillance cameras, webcams, domestic security sensors and therapeutic electrodes. All these tools are used to explore Reality in its most disturbing aspects and to reveal the hidden ironic twist.
She says of herself: “I believe that all art should be “Gesamtkunstwerk” and that must begin and end within the body, within flesh and blood. My body, the ship of this adventurous exploration that I’m making, has always been a battleground. Former anorexic, eternal feminist, always a lone wolf in search of the moon through the branches of trees.”

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