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Focus Espace Croisé

Saturday 19th March, 3.30pm, Salle Boris Vian : Focus Espace Croisé (Roubaix, France)

Espace Croisé is a contemporary art centre located in Roubaix in the Nord region. Like all contemporary art centres, its mission consists in assisting creative activity through the production of new works, the organization of exhibitions, generally monographical, and activities aimed at different kinds of local audiences for contemporary art.

The selection of films presented in this focus describes this activity that assists production.

Jean Charles Hue - Tattoo Fight

Tattoo Fight was made in 2011 in The Netherlands.
In a cellar, two men face each other through their tatoos. Between them stands a glass of water in which floats a grease-coated needle pointing North, like a compass. They put their tattoos close to the needle, hoping to attract it towards them, as if their magnetic tattoos might attract the needle, as if they were the North.
Jean-Charles Hue was born in 1968. He lives and works in Paris.

Alice Anderson - The dolls' day / 2008, 11 mn

The Dolls’ Day was shot in Roubaix in one of the city’s water towers. It tells the story of a girl who lived in a cell. She had been living there for such a long time that time had formed a loop around her. In this new tale by Alice Anderson, the girl who is trapped between her mother and father frees herself by destroying her parents.
Alice Anderson was born in 1976. She lives and works in Paris.

Lorena Zilleruelo - Notre Tempo / 2008, 13 mn

Notre Tempo unfolds around the encounter with three brothers and sisters of a Romanian family. They live in a caravan, in makeshift camps in Roubaix. For one year, the Espace Croisé worked with them on writing texts and on oral transmission, as well as dance, as means of expression.
Tabita, Geanina and Denis took part in these meetings with perseverance. Despite the difficulty in mastering the French language, words came quickly to them, as did the desire to be understood. Like any bond that is forged between strangers, the intensity of this relationship was variable. Their daily lives have been subjected to insecurity, expulsions from camps, and administrative and health problems.
Lorena Zilleruelo was born in 1974. She lives and works in Paris.

Gwendal Sartre - Les Oiseaux Mécaniques / 2015, 11 mn

The pupils of the Albert Camus primary school in Roubaix took part in a school-wide workshop every Tuesday afternoon in 2015.
The Espace Croisé asked Gwendal Sartre, a second-year student at Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains at Tourcoing, to accompany this workshop and make a film taking into account their environment and their daily lives, while making it a fully-fledged part of her own work.
Gwendal Sartre was born in 1988. He lives and works in Lille.

Laura Gannon – Silver House / 2015, 20 mn

Laura Gannon was born in Ireland. Her new film work Silver House developed from her ongoing engagement with the placement of a female narrative within architecture and design.

Silver House features a house as protagonist and the voice of its owner, Eilish Lavelle. The surface of the house has been filmed both internally and externally to convey a sculptural, material quality of the building. Gannon’s filming of the house, moving between interior and exterior, displays an affinity with the transformations in its surfaces, with the continuous variations emerging in its sculptural materiality as a building and the narratives it embodies. The location is a remote domestic house in coastal West Cork, Ireland.

The design of the house is aesthetically postmodernist, yet dated to the time in which it was completed – in the mid 1970’s. There are floor-to-ceiling windows, glass and chrome furniture and a round bed in the bedroom and a bathroom wall covered in mirrored silver paper. Forty years later it is a monument to that time.

Marie Hendriks – Et si les rêves flamands rapetissaient...? / 2008, 10 mn

Marie Hendriks was born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She does photography, makes films and installations whose exaggeratedly precious interiors are set in old-fashioned worlds where the overabundance of decorative elements lets out the expression of vague threats.

L’Espace Croisé is producing a new installation by the artist and hosting her first one-woman show, Et si les rêves flamands rapetissaient… ? (What if Flemish Dreams Shrank…?), which pursues the evocation of her birthplace. In it, Ms. Hendriks tells a story in a family world where merely uttering the words Once upon a time makes it possible to go back in time, shrink, transform oneself, blend into a décor, appear and disappear. The film was made in the relief maps room of the Museum of Fine Arts in Lille.