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Focus Art Vidéo Japon / Art Vein Tokyo

Saturday 19th March, 2pm, salle Boris Vian

Screening Program -VIDEOs for another millennium -, japanese video art presented by Kentaro TAKI

Contemporary video art screening program from VIDEOs from Japan. As an expression methods, the members of VIDEOs are using video material for their pieces into conscious awareness. This program presents problems of artist in today in the period of information society.

program duration : 43min

IN/OUT (2008, 8’) / Masayuki KAWAI

Shot through the big glass window in Villa Savoye, a famous building by Le Corbusier, which locates in suburban of Paris. The theme of “in” and “out” appears quietly in various ways with simple and slow movement of image.

Tangram (2011, 3’11) / Kentaro TAKI

The videos from my shoots are pieces of a puzzle. I turn and combine these pieces, which were shot before and after 3.11, to form the times and perceptions I lived through.

Enlighten (2013, 5’) / Ryota HAMASAKI

« Enlighten » means giving us a brightness and explaining something clearly. It’s about « Light and Darkness », « Man and Woman ».

Timeless video -1/100*100- (2013, 9’) / Shuhei NISHIYAMA

Here, Video will be chopped off and re-presented.All the fragments of the moment of the video and audio are perceived at the same period of the time. Through the logical perception of the video, present the limitations of human perception and its possibilities to expand.

Video SymphoniaI, II (2014/2016, 9’) / Kentaro TAKI

A symphony played by the bustle of urban space, media space and video noises. It’s a re-composition of large number of video clips of web space.

Wearing You (2016, 8’) / Sung Nam HAN

“Wearing You – Bar Drama vol.4” was performed as multimedia audio visual art performance in September 2015. It is edited and mixed to focus on performer’s details such as behavior, voice, body etc. and then reborn a new video art work.