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Enrique RAMIREZ (Chile-France)

EXHIBITIONS, from the 17th March to the 2nd of April

Chapelle de l’Hôpital Général, rue Sainte Rose, Clermont- Ferrand

Tuesday to Sunday – 10am to 6pm


Devoir de Mémoire / Ambroise Brugière / 2013, triptych

The project “LEST WE FORGET / Ambroise BRUGIERE” was carried out in the singular framework of an artistic residence in the Ambroise Brugière High School :

« LEST WE FORGET » for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ambroise Brugière.
It is generally difficult to evoke someone whom we do not know, it is also difficult to look into the gaze of someone whose eyes we have never looked into, and it is difficult as well to create a work for someone who was so beloved, simply because this love that we have for him already represents his work. And we will never replace this work.
Sometimes nature sends us small signals. Sometimes it provides images for us or even sends us people who will have a great impact on our mind.
And yet, sometimes nature forces us to forget… this time that is in front of us, time of images, a space of freedom in our imagination. But it is also the time that one person devoted to others with so much ethical and pluralistic conviction, but also of generosity.
This work in residence and these pages are dedicated to a man who devoted his life to the service of others.
My gift for him is a work that is simple, honest, intimate, and small, like I think it should be for a great man who will never be replaced by a work other than that which remains in the simple memory of each of those who knew him a lot, or a little, like me, in another era, and through countless evocations.
Mr. Ambroise Brugière, if one day you read these words, please know that I thank you for having crossed my path.

Enrique Ramirez

Production : Gabriel Soucheyre / VIDEOFORMES – Assistants for production : Bertrand Rouchit, Virginie Sallard.
Construction of the glass and wood pieces (Chile) : Daniel Baez, Multisellos, Salustiano.
Enrique RAMÍREZ thanks those who contributed to this project : Martine Brugière, Christian Puechbroussou, Françoise Alibert, Manfred Schöttke, Justine Emard, Georgette Morel, Bernadette Le Mouël, Eliane Constanty, Gérard Constanty, Bernard Gounel, Catherine Landivier, Patrick Gay-Bellile, Pierre Dauphin.

La Chapelle de l'Hôpital Général

Enrique Ramirez. Born in 1979 in Santiago, Chile. He has a master degree in Contemporary art and New Media in Studio National of art contemporain Le Fresnoy, France.

Enrique Ramirez’s work could be described as poetic incursions towards the humanization of contemporary dystopias. His film-installations and photography deals with the politics of exodus and exile and the discontinuity of memory, but for Ramirez this always means an arduous search into subjective imaginary. The vast landscapes that often appear in his works are conceived as geo-poetic spaces for imagination, territories open for vision and deambulation. The mood of the images is a contemplative one; the landscape, the breeze, the water, the sand, they all seem to work together in an effort to place a subjective view.

Ramirez methodology is somehow also one of human topography, many of his works involve interviews and recollection of personal testimonies on displacement. Though these visual and oral testimonies are worked with and rewoven into the scripts of his films or texts that accompany his photography, the resulting fragmented narratives are not transcriptions, but poetic translations of the gathered material. His visual texts operate, as he himself states, at the same time as “images and imaginaries”. As the images shot by his camera, more than a specific place, the texts present an envisioned form of being in a place, a subjective site.

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Enrique Ramirez presented 'Horizon' in 2011 at VIDEOFORMES