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École Supérieure d’Art du Nord-Pas-de-Calais Dunkerque-Tourcoing, France

EXHIBITIONS, from March 17th to the 1st of April

Galerie Dolet / Crous, 25 rue Etienne Dolet, Clermont-Ferrand

Monday to Friday – 8am to 4pm


L’ESA is a public institution that combines two sites of which one (Tourcoing) is a research center working on the question of the relationship between the body, image, and publishing, and basing its research on the relationship between art and citizenship. The second (Dunkerque) is a center for territorial, national, and international cooperation that works on the question of the exhibition on an international scale and bases its research on the exhibition as a practice and civic notion. The two sites work to illustrate a line of general research titled “art and city.”


A decentralized degree program in Algeria:

In September 2013, the school created a decentralized program in Annaba in Algeria.

The Algerian students in this program have the opportunity of earning the national art degree in three years (DNAP). They are recruited at a bachelor degree level, and start in the third year leading to the DNAP in three years. Teaching is in the form of five two-week workshops per year, directed by two-person teams from the school. This program receives funding from the Communauté Urbain de Dunkerque and is part of a partnership between the school, the Annaba chamber of commerce, and the Institut Français of Annaba.

Professors Bertrand Gadenne and Jean-Luc Poivret have developed pedagogical sessions from which the video productions proposed for the “Video Academy” were created.

Corps fondu, 2015, by Mounir Gouri, 5’20

The author makes a self-filming, a performance in relation with the projection of a documentary film on the history of one part of the Mediterranean basin and the religious history of the Middle East. The film is projected directly on his body.

Coulisses, 2015, de Faleh Bouloudenine, 3’55

A poetic suite of images on fantasy landscapes, evoking the notion of infinity, of a macroscopic and microscopic world and of a celestial cartography. A daytime or nighttime vision of a weightless world.

J’adoreça, 2015, de Bouzid Temtem, 0’58

We see the bottom of a man’s face. He progressively reveals archetypal and symbolic forms by opening his mouth. These forms are ephemeral representations of monotheistic religions. They seem to come out of his body, but they end up being chewed.

La chute du monde, 2015, de Raouf Ziani, 0’35

A suspended world lit by a luminous projection swings at the end of a cord. Suddenly it falls, but its shadow continues to swing. A magical and enchanting moment.