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Dreams of Science 4 – Night

EXHIBITIONS, from the 17th March to the 2nd of April

Museum Lecoq, 15 rue Bardoux, Clermont-Ferrand
Hall de l’École de Droit, Bd Gergovia, Clermont-Ferrand

Exhibition Dreams of Science 4 – Night

Dreams of Science was created in 2013 at the initiative of the Service Université Culture (SUC) in collaboration with professors of scientific disciplines of the university and of the Superior National School of Chemistry. It is an artistic proposal carried out by students and supervised by the artist Anne-Sophie Emard. The objective is to create a bridge between the arts and sciences through a video installation.

It is within the framework of the exhibition Night at the Museum Lecoq of Clermont-Ferrand that we propose the 4th edition of Dreams of Science. This edition will be included in the program of installations at Vidéoformes. This video mapping work will reveal the visual and sensorial link between the interdisciplinary scientific fields present in the exhibition at the Museum: astronomy, biology, ethology, physiology, anthropology, and neurology. A link between the university and the city, it will be connected to a second artistic set present in a university space (Hall de l’écolde de droit) and intended to excite the curiosity of students for the exhibition and that of museum visitors for a university site. A group of students in the Master’s program “Management of Cultural Projects – Performing Arts” will accompany the project with mediation initiatives.

Museum Lecoq

Ecole de droit

Participants and partners :

Studients from the Atelier Art Vidéo of the SUC supervised by Anne-Sophie Emard, artist : Annabel Bernardon, Louna Berlier, Carine Chatelier, Léa Delavet Huguet, France Decle, Marine Gilles, Emmanuel Kablan Anonkoua, Violette Kamal, Mariko Koetsenruijter, Logan Lejewski, Justine Onnis, Ludovic Paulprey, Gaëtan Ramage, Nadège Saint André, Florian Servol Claire.

Evelyne Ducrot, in charge of cultural action and of the sector Arts Sciences Techniques Society – SUC
Caroline Lardy, Professor of cinematographic studies, Department of literature, languages and humanities – Université Blaise Pascal and in charge of the cinema sector – SUC
Michel Durot, Manager SUC
Mickaël Le Bras, Directeur of Museum Lecoq