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Digital Lounge

DIGITAL LOUNGE with bar/snacks, salle Chavignier, Maison de la Culture

Meeting place of the festival, the digital lounge proposes continual screenings and rendez-vous with artists : presentations, performances, holograms,… All that in a friendly atmosphere!

Scenography by Marion Arnoux

Born on March 16, 1982 in Montpellier [France], Marion Arnoux is a visual artist, scenographer, designer, and dancer.
A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d’Art in Saint-Etienne in 2006, she has articulated her research around space, the sign, and the object. She questions the relationship with the artwork, with the museum object, and the capacity to solicit and provoke while looking at it. In 2007, she earned a Master’s degree in Design and Research with “flow” as her thesis. She participates in the graphic and editorial development of the magazine Azimuts.
From 2006 to 2009, she participated in the work of the Atelier IRB Paris and collaborated regularly as a designer with the graphic designer Ruedi Baur: projects concerning identity, orientation, and signaling in several cities.
She participated in the scenography of the series of 12 installations (“Juste avant la transformation” – Just before the transformation) at the Biennale du Design de Saint-Etienne in 2006, and at the exhibition “Le Grand Monde d’Andy Warhol” (The Big World of Andy Warhol) at the Grand Palais. She is a member of the prize-winning team for the scenography of the French Pavilion at the Expo 2010 Shanghai.
She then moved to Morocco and created “Intégral Studio Casablanca” with the scenographer and architect Philippe Délis. As a scenographer and designer in this workshop, she worked on several projects: The Bank Al-Maghrib Museum in Rabat (Morocco); the museum of the archeological site in Alba-La-Romaine (France) in 2013; the A. Slaoui Foundation Museum (Casablanca)…
Since 2014, she has been involved as a visual art scenographer in the Art Therapy Workshop in the Sainte-Marie Hospital in Clermont-Ferrand, developing the layout of collective installations that use the art produced by the patients in the workshop, from the point of view of visual art, poetry, sound creations, and video art…

For the 31st edition of VIDEOFORMES, in the Salle Chavignier, she is designing the scenography of the Vidéobar that is open during the festival: a place to meet up, have a drink, eat, relax, exchange, watch, be entertained, write, sleep, view, dream… with a visual and sound program in the evening. The participative construction of the furniture is an opportunity for experimentation, deformation, and reuse of scrap material. A project in partnership with “La Brico Thière” – bricolage workshop of La Gauthière (Université Foraine) – and the Art Therapy Workshop in the Sainte-Marie Hospital in Clermont-Ferrand.