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Dématérialisé + Award Prix VIDEOFORMES

Dématérialisé, performance WORLD PREMIERE + Prize list of the Prix VIDEOFORMES 2016

Saturday 19th March – 8.30pm, Salle Boris Vian

Dématérialisé / performance audio-video

Production AADN (Lyon, France), March 2016 / co-production Le Labo de l’ASCA, Oudeis, VIDEOFORMES.

Audiovisual performance staged by two entities, the musician and the video maker of the previous Reverrance project, that investigates the virtual environment of the obsolescence of the Man in front of a huge flow of digitized datas. They aim at perceiving what would be an alienated body into a daily life of disembodied communications. « The one on the other side the screen ». Here, Pierre Amoudruz and David Guerra testify to a transit generation lost into the universal access to the intangibility of the cyberspace.
Their approach is based on manipulating sound and visual entities generated live, directly on stage, thanks to an innovative way to play with a sensor and movement detection system. Under Jeanne Brouaye’s watch, choreographer and actress, the artistic crew offers a parallel approach : from body sensitivity to the functionality of the machine being controlled.

Video maker / sound : Pierre Amoudruz
Composeur / remotely access : David Guerra
Choregraphy / staging : Jeanne Brouaye

With the support of Fonds [SCAN] – Région Rhône-Alpes, Planétarium de Vaulx-en-Velin, le Shadok, le Hublot and les Abattoirs.

Prize list for the Prix VIDEOFORMES 2016

The international competition reflects the diversity of styles, artistic universe and innovative forms of video today.

A jury of international professionals will award prizes announced Saturday, March 19 after the performance Dématérialisé

Prix VIDEOFORMES 2016 / Ville de Clermont-Ferrand
Prix VIDEOFORMES 2016 / Conseil Général du Puy-de-Dôme
Prix VIDEOFORMES 2016 / Prix Université Blaise Pascal des étudiants : a jury made of studients from the department of Cultural professions and from the Cinema workshops of the Service Université Culture (SUC) will also award a prize. This prize was created in 2012 at the suggestion of VIDEOFORMES, the University Blaise Pascal (particularly the UFR Lettres, Langues et Sciences Humaines and the Cultural professions department) and the SUC.