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Awards Prix VIDEOFORMES 2016

 Jury Prix VIDEOFORMES 2016 :

Eric Deneuville (Espace Croisé, Roubaix, France)
Natalia Fuchs
(Polytechnic Museum, Moscou, Russie)
Anne Leymarie
(Festival Plein la Bobine, La Bourboule, France)

Jury Prix Université Blaise Pascal des étudiants :

Cynthia Coutant
Marine David
Pierre Gauchez
Violette Kamal
Agathe Parraud



Award VIDEOFORMES 2016 / Ville de Clermont-Ferrand
Le Park / Randa Maroufi / MAR / 2015 / 14’

Award VIDEOFORMES 2016 / Conseil Départemental du Puy-de-Dôme
Spyr / Christoph Lemmen & Ruth Wiesenfeld / GER / 2015 / 9’20

Distinction Prix VIDEOFORMES 2016
Folk Songs / Nino Laisné / FRA / 2014 / 12’27


VIDEOFORMES 2016 / Prix Université Blaise Pascal des étudiants
Mahapralaya / Gustaf Broms / SWE / 2015 / 24’

Distinction Prix Université Blaise Pascal des étudiants
A Machine for Living / Dalit Sharon & Amichy Bikovsky / ISR / 2015 / 2’49

Bonsoir. Thanks to Videoformes festival we have seen so many exciting video artworks these days. I’m happy that such a piece as Spyr became on of the winner – it speaks both beautiful visual language and the language of music, immerse us into the embodied world of a performer playing his instrument. And I think it actually represents an artist as a creator giving an idea of the human power and the efforts behind every artwork. I believe in an age of technology and digitalised culture it is very important to see which role human still plays in the process of creation. Congratulations!

Natalia Fuchs on ‘Spyr’ during the award ceremony

Dear members of the jury, dear team of VIDEOFORMES,
The message that our SPYR won a prize within your festival reached us out of the blue and was a wonderful
surprise. Thank you so much! This film has been our first true collaboration – an unusual setup perhaps, as here the music existed first
and looked for a form of presentation other than the conventional concert setting. We are more than happy that our aspiration
to convey the intimacy that exists between a musician, the sound and his instrument found your acclaim. The timing for
this prize could not have been better: only a couple of days ago we had a very first dialogue about a possible next joint production – now your award is a great encouragement to continue. We’d wish to be present in person, but certainly will partake in our thoughts.
MERCI BEAUCOUP, also in the name of our performer Mike –
and greetings from Berlin!

Christoph and Ruth

Dear students and all at Videoformes – Merci Beaucoup,
I am touched that these moving images translate.
This is very encouraging for my continued exploration into the borderland between body and environment.
I firmly believe that we need to move away from an anthropocentric world view and come to terms with “Reality” as undivided wholeness, we are our environment – the borders of the skin is just a survival mechanism for our biological vehicle.
(MAHAPRALAY = the great dissolution)
Thank You

Gustaf Broms