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Anne-Sophie EMARD (France)

EXHIBITIONS, from the 22th January to the 24th of April

Galerie Claire Gastaud, 5-7 rue du Terrail, Clermont-Ferrand

Tuesday to Saturday – 2pm to 7pm


A vague crimson glimmer
Une vague lueur pourpre

Galerie Claire Gastaud.
Caroline Perrin

Galerie Claire Gastaud

Anne-Sophie Emard earned her degree cum laude in 1997 at the Art School of Clermont-Ferrand. She lived in Montreal in 2003 in an artist residence “The Unclassifiables” of the Institut Français. She is part of the FRAC Auvergne collections and Roger Quilliot Art Museum of Clermont-Ferrand who organized a personal exhibition in 2007 as well as the publication of a catalogue. She has created the visual worlds in video for several theatrical plays and recently created with Pierre Levchin the duo Dersou & Ouzala dedicated to scenic systems for images and light.

Her work is represented by the galleries Claire Gastaud and Odile Ouizeman.

This exhibition at the Galerie Gastaud echoes the exhibition “Only lovers stay alive”, presented at the FRAC Auvergne at the Domaine Royal de Randan in the summer of 2015: a set of illuminated boxes mixing cinema images and fictional visions of landscapes.

“Descendants” is the title of a video creation presented in the exhibition: a case made up of a 4K resolution screen framed by black oak. Eight silent films lasting a total of 23 minutes follow on from each other on this screen that, by its aspect, refers more to photography than video. Each film is made up of a static shot, a landscape filmed with a cinema camera, and a film excerpt that has been cropped and retouched. It is about details of the characters, most often feminine icons, of which we guess the identity without being totally convinced. The association of these images from two different worlds, varying in their temporal processing and their texture but associated fully thanks to colorimetric retouches, proposes to your eye a new moving image without fixed origins that you need to take time to contemplate and on which you need to attach your own story to reveal it.