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Anders WEBERG (Sweden)

EXHIBITIONS, from the 17th March to the 2nd of April

La Tôlerie, 10 rue de Bien-Assis, Clermont-Ferrand

Tuesday to Saturday – 2pm to 6pm


Ambiancé / 2016
One beach
2 performance artists
7 hours and 20 minutes in One take, no cuts

La Tôlerie

This is the first short trailer for the 7.20 hour long film Ambiancé. Filmed at the very same beach in Sweden where Ingmar Bergman filmed the famous Chess scene from the Seventh Seal and Swedish performers Stina Pehrsdotter and Niclas Hallberg interpret the chess scene working around the following seven themes; life/quest/power/death/escape/rest/love.
Film by Anders Weberg
Performers: Stina Pehrsdotter and Niclas Hallberg
Music: Marsen Jules
Stills: Anders Weberg

Anders Weberg (b.1968) is a Swedish artist working with video, photography, sound, new media and installations and he is primarily concerned with identity. Specializing in digital technologies, he aims to mix genres and ways of expression to explore the potential of audio visual media.
Based in Kölleröd, a small village in the south of Sweden, he has exhibited at numerous art/film festivals, galleries, and museums internationally.
Since 2010 he has been working on the longest film ever made. A 720 hour-long video artwork entitled “Ambiance” that will premiere in 2020.
Also the founder and curator of the AIVA, International Video Art Festival and the Stian gallery of [con]temporary art.

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